Associação Amazõnia

The Xixuau-Xiparina Reserve

Associação Amazõnia works to improve the living conditions of local people through sustainable development of proposals in which economic growth does not require environmental degradation. The Xixuau-Xiparina Reserve is regulated according to these principles. It's a protected area in the Brazilian Amazon wanted and managed by local people who maintain a vital role in the sustainable use of natural resources in the area. The main aim of our work is to develop a model to ensure people an ecologically balanced environment and a decent standard of living without having to leave its land. A repeatable example of conservation, for Amazon and for the valuable and endangered tropical forests worldwide.

Visiting the Reserve

"In September 2008 we were guests of the reserve for two weeks. We love Brazil and the long journey from Italy, first by plane and then by boat, allow us to gradually change "dimension" once again. Only here you understand it. In this corner of the world Nature is the mistress, or at least we hope she could remain for a long time. This people, aided by the Association, fights just for this. Therefore, a heartfelt thanks to all for the welcome they gave to us, to Chris and Emanuela for their work and: see you soon! Até logo, gente!"

Raf & Mara

""Associação Amazõnia has revolutionized our lives here in the reserve. Today, the opportunities come to us, we have no longer need to pursue elsewhere. We can stay in our beloved community without renouncing to a good education for our children and adequate health care when ill. There is a strong pressure on indigenous peoples to become part of a culture that sees nature as wealth to be exploited. We want to defend our values"

Joao Soarez Gomes, inhabitant of the Xixuau community

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